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Instaforex is the bigest forex broker in Russia and one of the bigest brokers in the world.

 It is considered to be the best forex broker in Asia, and has won many awards during the years.

Head office: Russia
Minimum deposit: 1 USD
Leverage: 1:1000
Spread : fixed
Payment methods: Credit Card, Pay Pal (only for withdrawals), Moneybookers,
 Web Money, Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, Wire Transfer   

<a href="/<a href="http://instaforex.com/forex_bonus.php?x=BYIX">http://instaforex.com/forex_bonus.php?x=BYIX</a>">InstaForex</a>                                                        

About InstaForex

InstaForex is the most famous forex broker based in Russia, and it is consideredto be the best broker in Asia. With tons of

advantages for its traders it is no wonderwhy Instaforex has taken a serious position in the western markets as well.Below you will find only some of the special features of Insta Forex that will probably convince you to try 

them as your forex broker:

- You can choose the currency of your account between USD and EUR

- Deposits with a wide range of methods from as low as $1

- Winner of the "Best broker in Asia" award

- Metatrader platform

- Sign up bonuses of 30% that can go as high as $5,000

- Segregated accounts for traders who deposit more than 100,000 USD

- Instaforex Debit Card powered by MasterCard for withdrawals directly at ATMs.

- Insta Forex Club Card that gives a lot of benefits to active clients.

- Instaforex Contests for traders that award amazing prizes. You can win prizes like a Lotus Evora or a
 Lotus Elise, and many more cash prizes. 
There is even a Beauty Contest for Insta Forex female Asian traders!

- Leverage as high as 1:1000

- 24h live support and toll free numbers for many counties. Support includes email, Skype, yahoo Messenger,
 MSN and many phone lines.
- Website in 21 languages
Considering all the above, it is easy to understand why Instaforex separates itself from the crowd and it is
considered by many to be one of the best forex brokers in the world.

<a href="http://instaforex.com/?x=BYIX" data-mce-href="http://instaforex.com/?x=BYIX">InstaForex</a>
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